October 23, 2009

How Narayana College (my college) Teachers speak English:-

These are the few incidents where our teachers actually said these things;

1. How dare you talk in front of my back?
2. Both of you 3 get out of the class.
3. Take a 5 cm wire of any length.
4. Why are you late to class? Say Yes or No.
5. I have two Daughters. Both are girls.
6. Don't concentrate at that monkey outside the window when I am here!!!
7. Everybody stand lengthwise.
8. Keep silence. When I drop my pen no sound will come!!! ( A remake of pin-drop silence!!)

God knows how I am bearing it.....................................

1 comment:

  1. gr8 yaar yeh narayana walo ki English sach mein subhan allah hai!!!!!!