January 29, 2012

A Chameleon's Tale

Guys, Good Evening, Hello, Hey,
Did you know I was almost killed today?

No, No, it was not a Terrorist Attack,
I was in the college, at the back.

Outside SUBWAY, minding my work,
I had no intention, at all, to lurk.

Along came 3 girls you know how they are,
Saw me and screamed not form very far.

I was scared to death by their high pitch,
And I was like, WHAT THE BITCH?
(Ok maybe Chameleons are deaf or something but ya whatever....)

Running away from them, I tried,
I was happy, I just survived.

Then just when I thought the danger had gone,
A new kind of threat was born.

Out of SUBWAY, a monster came, (The Monster was me actually!! :P :D)
I stood silent, like a still flame.

He was about to crush my face,
I thought it was the end of my days.

Luckily, he stopped, he spotted me,
I ran so fast, nobody could see.

I am glad I dint lose my life,
Now I can go home and kiss my wife.