October 22, 2009


BUZZ!! BUZZ!!............ It was Nikhil. I absolutely forgot that I was chatting with him. So deeply I was concentrating on my Facebook profile that I dint realise the ringing of the bell. Break was over. I shut down my laptop and started to go back to my classroom. I stepped onto the escalator which took me straight to the 4th floor. As I walked into the class I felt cold, as the Air Conditioner was in full power. Chilly!! I took my headphones and connected them to my laptop. "Smack that............ Lamborghini Gallardo...."

Suddenly there was a loud sound and the image of our teacher came forth on the large screen in front of us. "Children please check your Gmail inbox for your today's assignment which has been sent to you." So I opened my laptop and logged on to Gmail. Tring!! Tring!!...... something was ringing. I thought it was my Black Berry. No sooner did I realise that it was my Alarm Clock!!

Noooooo...............Yup!! I was dreaming. The time was 7 o'clock and I had to wake up. But I was not ready to do so. "Damn what a life that would have been....", I kept thinking. Reluctantly I got out of my bed and started making my way towards the wash basin. Slowly, I took my Red toothbrush, put Blue toothpaste on it and started brushing my Brown teeth to make them White. Walking down the staircase towards the kitchen I wished "Good Morning" to everybody.There it was, my glass of high protein, muscle enhancing, health improving drink with some sweet white crystals in it. Yes!! My glass of Horlicks!! Watching the news I started drinking. "Breaking News! A gang of college students studying at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of I.T. ragged their Physics professor. They were later suspended" the News reporter said. "I hope this would happen in my college also", I thought. Finishing my energy drink I went upstairs to bathe. After my bath I got ready to go to college. Oh! just the thought of it frightens me. Watch-check, Wallet(with money) -check, Shoes-check, Underwear-check and most importantly Cellphone-check. The time was 7:45 am. I had plenty of time before my college began. So I decided to walk, instead of taking my Hayabusa a.k.a. My bicycle.

Walking down the street I saw various scenes on my 3 km journey. A stray dog was doing its work, a thief was running, women were sweeping the road, newspaper boys were throwing newspapers here and there and Osama Bin Laden was standing right in front of me. Shit!! He was looking right into my eyes and he was about to attack me. I ran and I ran hard. He started chasing me. After 1 minute of running I went into an alley and the big black Bull ran right past. "Uff!! Safe again today", I thought. Osama Bin Laden is the name of the only mentally ill Bull in our locality, God knows when he will be treated. I made my way out the alley and started walking again.

Finally I reached the college Nikhil was waiting for me outside. "Come on man. You are late again." He exclaimed. Walking into the college we made our way up to our classroom. No, there were no escalators, only stairs. And we dint have A.C's in the classroom but instead we had eco- friendly, energy efficient, non-polluting, N.C's. N.C stands for Natural Cooler i.e. the Wind. Sitting at our place we waited for the lecturer to come. I looked into my watch. It was 8:35 am. "Another 9 hours of suffering", I said to Nikhil. "Sure thing", he said.

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