January 29, 2012

A Chameleon's Tale

Guys, Good Evening, Hello, Hey,
Did you know I was almost killed today?

No, No, it was not a Terrorist Attack,
I was in the college, at the back.

Outside SUBWAY, minding my work,
I had no intention, at all, to lurk.

Along came 3 girls you know how they are,
Saw me and screamed not form very far.

I was scared to death by their high pitch,
And I was like, WHAT THE BITCH?
(Ok maybe Chameleons are deaf or something but ya whatever....)

Running away from them, I tried,
I was happy, I just survived.

Then just when I thought the danger had gone,
A new kind of threat was born.

Out of SUBWAY, a monster came, (The Monster was me actually!! :P :D)
I stood silent, like a still flame.

He was about to crush my face,
I thought it was the end of my days.

Luckily, he stopped, he spotted me,
I ran so fast, nobody could see.

I am glad I dint lose my life,
Now I can go home and kiss my wife.

July 15, 2011


This is a farewell poem for my senior SURYA, who has been more than a friend for us (People of the Bus Route Number: 41). He used to come as a coordinator for us Juniors.  Today was his last day in the bus. Hope you like it.

This poem is dedicated to our dear friend Surya,
Because he is as handsome as Chandragupt Maurya.

He is kind, humble and funny,
And also smart and sweet like honey.

He has been helpful to us, all will agree,
He is studying in GITAM to get his B.Tech degree.

He is a guide and a mentor to all of us,
He is certainly the heart of this bus.

These 4 days we had a lot of fun,
We will never forget him rain or sun.

He is obviously our favourite senior,
To him we will always be near.

We thank him for all that he has done,
Because he is special and different form everyone.

So Surya to you we all say,
Why does this have to be your last day? (In the bus)

July 8, 2011

For You

Your eyes are a wonderful tribute
They simply make the world go mute
But they also do contribute
In making you look so cute.

Your face is clearly adorable
Everything in you is lovable
Everybody around you is comfortable
Every feature in you is notable.

I haven't met anybody by far
Who is with you at par
It makes me think when at the bar

July 16, 2010

A Famous Quote

" To Be Or Not To Be,
   That Is The Question."
                                --- William Shakespeare

" 2(B) Or No 2(B),
  That Should Be An Option."
                                    --- Aniruddh Vajjhala.

(Note:- 2(B) is a subject that we have, where 2 represents 2nd Year and 'B' represents B Course in Mathematics.)