October 22, 2009

College Life!!!

My feelings cannot be expressed in any way at all,
The only time I am happy is after nightfall.

Because this is the time when college is done,
After 10 hours of suffering finally some fun.

But this is not the story of every Jack & Jill,
A few are there who consider this a thrill.

Physics, Chemistry, Languages every day,
Oh! How can I forget Mathematics? No way!

These are the 5 elements I personally fear,
Excepting English nothing is clear.

The physical and mental strain that I face,
Puts me into depression for days & days.

Every day, after coming home when I look back,
I find that it is entertainment that I lack.

For God’s sake, I am not like those mindless Robots,
I have my own mind, with a long train of thoughts.

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